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New Testimonial Added ! Erin Michelle Obrien said:"Would like to thank Simon for spraying my house for spiders today!Not only did he do soooo much more then any other company has done throughout my house inc outside house, shed, fencing and outside toys he was a very friendly professional man and did an amazing job! I will not be using anyone else after meeting Simon!"

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Pest Information 

Pests are uninvited annoying guests in our home.

It doesn't seem to matter weather its cold or hot,

 we always seem to have pests .


is here to help !

Best Pest Management has compiled

some information on common pests found

 around your home for you to view.




These pests are found all throughout Australia and can carry diseases with serious consequences such as salmonella, gastro-enteritis, dysentery, tuberculosis, hepatitis, typhoid fever and many others.

Diseases are carried on the legs and bodies of cockroaches and are rubbed off onto food, cooking and eating utensils as they feed and move around your kitchen, bathroom and other areas where conditions suit.

Cockroaches like warm moist places and can be found in kitchens, roof spaces, under houses, inside food stores, bakeries, restaurants, hospitals, factories, garages, sheds, and especially around drains and under leaf litter or bark litter outside.

Next time your Telstra technician pays you a visit, have a look inside the junction pit. You might be amazed to find hundreds of cockroaches breeding there. Another favourite hiding place for them is inside the alarm system, especially in food stores and restaurants. Some cockroaches will even make their home inside refrigerator motors, microwaves, cordless jugs and cordless telephone bases.

Cockroaches contaminate, frighten the wife and kids, create bad odours, cause allergic reactions in some people, and have even been known to bite. Along with the rat, cockroaches are one of the most efficient spreaders of disease and are prolific breeders, posing a real threat to the health of yourself and your family.

Call Best Pest Management Today To Sort Out These Roaches!



If Termites Are found in your home the best thing you can do is leave them alone and call a best pest management technician because if you disturb their nesting area with bug spray etc then they are likely to relocate making it hard to find them later and remove the problem . Following Australian Standards 3660.2-200 , best pest management technicians are required to give you a written report of all treatment options for you to review and approve. Treatment could be as simple as dusting but best pest management cater for bigger treatments such as full in ground interception and baiting systems.

Once a suitable treatment has been agreed and acted upon best pest management recommends annual termite inspections to keep your home safe from termites


Spiders in the garden eating tiny insects and bugs are doing you a service, however when they take up residence in and around your home they may pose a serious threat to adults, children and pets.

Expert web spinners, spiders have been known to travel many kilometres by being blown to new locations via wind. They ‘parachute’ onto surfaces and take up residence, right alongside humans.

It can seem like a never ending job keeping up with spider and web removal.

Most active in the summer months, spiders are out and about in the evenings and nights, at the same time we humans are outside enjoying the cool night air, and are sleeping with less bed linen than usual.

Best Pest Management can save you hours of work by spraying the outside of your home and structures, as well as dusting the roof space and other places where spiders like to make their home.



A rat is the world’s most resilient animal and is a major risk to the health of the community. They can carry serious diseases such as the plague, dysentery, leptospirosis and typhus fever.
Their fleas, lice and ticks can also adversely affect pets and humans. Their excreta and hair contaminate food and utensils causing food poisoning.

Rodents can be controlled by denying them food and shelter, and by trapping or baiting. Store firewood away from the sides of sheds and fences where rats like to travel. Remove garden clippings and mow long grass around the house and yard.

Block holes and other potential access points around all buildings and at access points in the eaves and gutters. Store bulk pet food in sealed containers.


  Bees & Wasps

Bee swarms are generally seen during spring, and when they decide to settle in your yard they can be potentially dangerous for humans as well as pets.

Do not attempt to treat them yourself using a store bought aerosol spray can, water or smoke. You are risking your safety and that of others.

Wait till the bees have congregated in one place, and are no longer swarming. This could take up to an hour or more.

If bees have entered your home or a shed looking for a place to nest, close off the section they are in, and lock the doors so no one can enter and place themselves in danger.

Call Best Pest Management as soon as possible to have the swarm safely relocated or eradicated.
















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